Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's in a Name?

Hey everyone, Tim here. I wrote a little story about my last name and how everything thinks it is Islamic. Check it out on my website - - Leave a comment there and tell me what you think.



Monday, February 23, 2009

Google Analytics

Hello everyone,
Have you ever wondered how many people read your blog, where they come from, what posts they like the most, etc? If you have, then you need to setup Google Analytics. I wrote a short tutorial on my website on how you can install it on your blogspot blog. Let me know if you have any questions.
The tutorial is listed here -


Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Things Tag!

I don't know if anyone has seen the 25 things tag on face book but I got tagged on my blog so here goes!

1. I was really a tomboy growing up but I still had a doll collection, I never really played with them but I still got them for christmas and birthday's. I had 2 american girl dolls (samantha and addy) a few porcelain ones, and the coolest of all was an old "horseman" doll. My dad was fixing something in our attic a long time ago and he saw an old garbage bag. He thought the whole time we lived in our house that it just had insulation in it. He decided to go look in it and there was an ancient doll in it. The doll is probably 200-500 years old. They don't even make the material that she is made of anymore. It had a 24 carrot gold pin in her hair and the same ancient clothes that she was produced with. pretty cool!

2. I was really accident prone as a kid. I have had 1 broken bone, 16 black eyes, 2 concussions, and 3 sets of stitches. The most strange accident I had though was when I was 7 or 8. By brothers harmonica case got stuck on a hook on the ceiling. So we pulled the couch up for him to jump off of and grab it. I was standing underneath so when he came off he landed on me and his tooth lodged into my head and broke off. I was taken to the ER and they said because it was a human bite they could not stitch it up because of the bacteria that could have been in my brothers mouth. So it eventually healed over but I still have his tooth in my head!

3. I had a best friend growing up named Chase Busath. We would do 1 of 2 things every single day. We would either work on our tree fort in his crab apple tree or play the game SORRY. We probably played that game thousands of time. At least 3 or 4 times a day for years. So if you ever want to duel at SORRY, unfortunately I will probably destroy you.

4. Songs I could listen to over and over and over and not get sick of them. "In Da Club" 50 cent, "Happy Ending" All American Rejects, "Defying Gravity" Wicked, "Fix You" Coldplay, "Grey Street" Dave Matthews, "The Way I Are" Timbaland, "These Words" Natasha Bedingfield, "Godspeed" Dixie Chicks, "Austin" Blake Shelton, "Run" Collective Soul. There are actually many more but I want to finish this post today.

5. If I could have one talent it would be to be able to DANCE. Hip-Hop, Crump

6. I am a HUGE closet "Avatar" fan! haha

7. I am obsessed with everything apple. I only have 3 ipods and an Imac. oh... and a time capsule. It does not help that Tim is too. I also have an obsession about "the north face". If I had buko bucks I would buy a lot of apple products and north face gear.

8. Whenever I wash my hands I have to apply lotion. I absolutely hate the feeling of water drying on my hands. If I wash and don't have lotion I have to clench my fists til I can get some lotion. I think it is a little OCD. I have even contemplated not washing them if I know I don't have lotion. Don't worry though It has never happened. I think!

9. My favorite scripture story is about the strippling warriors mothers.

10. My favorite temple that I have been in is the Newport temple. My favorite one that I have not been in is the San Diego! one day.

11. Dream calling: Young Womens Camp Director

12. We live in a 2 bedroom home and one of the rooms has 5 guitars in it. And we still have 1 at Tim's parents house. So a total of 6 guitars. Only 2 are technically mine. Oh and there is a Ukilaelae (not sure how to spell it). I can only play 4 songs though. Silent night, grey street, godspeed, my life would suck without you.

13. I still don't have all my wedding prints from my photographer. It has been more than a year and a half. It infuriates me!

14. I am pretty good at Halo 3, Well lets be honest, I generally get 1 kill to my husbands 25. But if any of you know Tim that is actually pretty good.

15. I loved Seminary and Institute. Seriously! loved!

16. I love wild sunflowers! I think they are sent straight from heaven.

17. I hate change. More than anything.... It seriously shakes me up. But I am getting better at it. Strange though... I love the change of seasons.

18. My real name is Dominique Marie. A lot of people do not know this. I never go by it though so maybe that is why. There is one person who calls me by my real name (shanna). I did not even know this was my real name til I was probably 13. I just thought it was my name for when I was in trouble. I did not know how to spell it until I was probably 15. Sad. I do love my real name though. It is different and It was a name my parents loved so I am so happy they named me that. My nana was the first to call me nikki. Nikki stems from an italian song that has dominique and nikki in it.

19. I once talked to Jason Mraz at work. He called in to make a payment on his account. He has a home in park city! He had been in london for the past few weeks and he made a 5,000.00 payment to his electric account.

20. My husband makes me play soccer with him on a weekly basis. I really am not a big soccer playing fan. He is just waiting for the snow to melt so we can go play. I still have my let it snow sign up at work for that reason. We are REAL salt lake season ticket holders. I do like watching them play. I just don't like playing.

21. I am supposed to be getting ready for a utah basketball game right now but I am typing this post instead.

22. People I have looked up to in my life and have inspired me: Gordon B. Hinckley, My Mom, My sisters, My best friend Krista, Michael Phelps, Brittany Allison, Jessica Christensen, Amber Taylor, Alison Love, Mrs. Watkins, Sarah Tingey, Sam Perkins, My brother Matthew, My Dad, My Uncle David, My bro Wesley, The Haga Twins, My sisters-in-law, Dixie Philipoom, Jenny and Julie, Mark Jensen, Matt Christensen, Alex Chamberlain, Shanna, Angie, Chase Busath, Richard Busath, My cousin LIndsey, and My Husband.

23. I freaking love tetris!

24. I am really bad at laundry. It is my worst weakness!

25. If I am listening to a good song it must be loud. I am talking a loud as it goes. I get that from my Mother!

I tag anyone who reads this

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hey everyone, Tim here. I am just writing while Nikki is at Young Womens. She recently got called to be the Mia Maids adviser and I have never seen her so excited at church. I am pretty sure she almost cried she was so happy to be in Young Womens. As far as an update, Nikki and I have both been sick for almost a month. I recently redesigned my website - - Please go there and give me feedback. Tell me what you like or dislike and if it was easy to use. Don't worry, Nikki and I have been keeping up to date with The Office, American Idol and of course, LOST. Toodles!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holidays 2008

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in posting. We were so busy this holiday season as I am sure you were. We had a great finish to 2008. It started with Nikki's birthday on Dec. 13th. We went to Jon Schmidt at Kingsbury Hall. It was a great concert. Christmas was good too. Nikki kept busy by making tons of hats (see below) and I kept busy studying for my last final. I finally graduated so now I work full-time like everyone else and I love it. We had a fun New Year's Eve with the Taylors and Ledbetters. We played Skip-bo, which Nikki got for a birthday present from her friend Krista (thanks Krista for the awesome game). We also played Guitar Hero and Rayman on the Wii. Then we watched the ball drop in NY at 10 and midnight while sippin Champaign a.k.a. Martenelli's.

Picture Time!

Christmas Kitten Cat
Bandit - Nikkis parents new kitty cat. He is rarely this still and he was resting under the Christmas Tree so I had to get a good shot of him.

Boston Red Sox Hat
Boston Red Sox Hat for my nephew. Nikki made this awesome hat. Notice how the white lining has red stiching, just like a baseball. It was cool because my nephew got a Boston bracelet for Christmas in his stocking so this matched perfectly.

Baby Hat and Gloves
Hat and Glove combo for my neice.

Storm Trooper Hat Star Wars
Storm Trooper hat for my nephew who is obsessed with Star Wars

Snow Village
This the train board Christmas village that my brother and I set up every year at my parents house. It was another successful year.

This is the extent of our Christmas decorations. Notice the hand made stockings that Nikki made! Pretty cool. Also, the white, two-drawer box is Nikki's Christmas present to put her Stamping Up stuff in.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RSL vs New York Preview

Hey everyone,
go check out my sports blog for a preview of the RSL vs. New York game


Friday, November 7, 2008


Sorry I have not blogged in a while. I thought I would post some pictures or Halloween. It was such a fun night. We got invited to our friends Allen and Melissa's awesome Halloween party. We went as Mario and Luigi in case you could not tell. We had a lot of fun. There are also some pictures of Matt and Krista too, in case you could not tell who they were. Anyways, I have some more pictures of stuff from the last month but they are on my camera and I can not find the cable since the move so we will post those later. Ps.... Size 40 overalls and a t-shirt are not very flattering. So in case you are wondering after looking at these pictures, I am not pregnant, I do not have cancer (my hair is just up), and I am not growing facial hair, its paint!